Pre-made Web Applications
You don't need any knowledge about neither coding nor building your entire website from scratch. You can build anything from a simple website to blogs, forums, wiki pages, e-commerce stores, social networking platforms, customer support sites, and more, with one-click installation.
Script Installer Screen

Software Installer

Our web hosting plans bundled with the auto software installer, so you can choose from hundreds of web applications to build your website in no time.

See it in action

In this video we demonstrate how to install a pre-made forum application on your domain using the software auto-installer.


Extensive Support*

The web application providers usually support users with documentation, information, knowledge and community forums, with some offering personalised support.

*We do not support third party's applications or products unless specified otherwise.

Expert Advice
The pros and cons of using a pre-made web application
The Pros

Selections of software

Faster development time

No web development expenses

No need to learn code

Admin interface to control the site

Customisation is possible, but limited

Free support from the community

The Cons

Constraints on application features

Full customisation is not always possible

Requires updates and version upgrades

Reconfiguration may be required on each update

Software or bug fixes may take time

Exposes to more spammers and hackers

Personalised support may not be available

FAQs: Pre-made Web Applications

Check out our FAQs below for answers to the questions you may have.

Can you help to choose the right application for my project?
  • Sure thing. Please contact support for help.

Can I install more than one application?
  • It depends on the capacity of the hosting plan you chose. You can install as many applications you need if you have enough disk space and database. Just keep in mind that the more you install, the slower your website can be. So, wisely pick and install what you need.

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